Initial FL Licensure for LMTs



Course Pack  # E-101

This package is for those seeking to become a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida by Endorsement.  Course Pack # E-101 includes all of the mandatory courses required by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy.


Course Title:  Florida Laws & Rules for Initial Requirement  

This ten-hour course for initial licensure by endorsement includes Helpful Hints throughout the course, Florida Board of Massage meeting schedule, frequently asked questions, Roles of the Board, laws and rules as described directly by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy (Florida Statues Chapter 480, Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Rule 64-B7, Florida Statues Chapter 456), Florida Patient’s Bill of Rights, House Bill 7049 Human Trafficking, Glossary of Terms.


Florida Massage Therapy Statues- Additions


Human Trafficking; House Bill 7049 (2012)

Section 480.3535 Florida Statues was passed as a part of a larger state and federal effort to halt human trafficking in the country.  Massage therapy unfortunately is one of the most heavily targeted professions for traffickers. Help protect others, yourself and know the law.

The Law– All employees and owners/managers of massage establishments and any person performing a massage in a massage establishment must present valid government identification while in the establishment if requested by a Department of Health investigator or law enforcement officer.  See: Florida Senate website.


Course Title:  Medical Errors for Massage Therapy

This 2-hour course meets requirement for licensure through endorsement by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy.

Included in the course you will find the root cause analysis of why medical errors happen, types of errors, common errors made in the field of massage and by massage therapist.

How medical errors do affect massage therapy, the importance of proficient medical terminology, charting, safety, sanitation and hygiene. And, of course, the all-famous “Did-Ya- Knows”.


Course Title:  HIV/AIDS Initial Requirement

This course is required by The Florida Board of Massage Therapy for licensure by endorsement. Reader friendly and very informative. In this 3-hour course we will discuss HIV/AIDS yesterday and today.  Define HIV and AIDS, Center for Disease Control Fact sheet, benefits of early treatment, medical Intervention, patient confidentiality, and the history and use of condoms.


Correspondence Courses:  There are no refunds for any of the correspondence courses. Each course must be completed within one year of purchase date.